Toys by Age (2)

When your kid is one to three year old, they start to know what they like and what they don’t like. Thus, you now have to choose the toy that somehow related to their favorite. It is quite hard to pick the toy that can satisfy a lot of requirements.

The toys, which are listed below, are recommendation from experts. Of course, they are not everything of your choice. You can also do some research to choose the best one for you kids.

  1. Super Spiral Play Tower. This toy got 4 star on ( a website for kid toy). It is from International Playthings company. The original prices is $39.95, but it’s only 34.99 on the web. This toy includes a little character which is the penguin, two weighted balls, and a green frog. Your kid will be attracted by the toy because it has plenty of action and funny sound. For example, “the penguin swirls around the track”, “two balls twist down the spiral and slides into different slots, and a frog makes sound at the end of a bell. This toy is number seller on this website. Therefore, the experts believe you and your kids will love it as much as they do.
  2. Classic Walker Wagon. The toy got 4 and a half star on the same website. It is from Radio Flyer company. The price is $99.99, which is a little expensive compare to Super Spiral Play Tower. However, this is a great toy that can help toddlers learn how to walk. It has been improved to be sturdier, heavier, and slow moving. Therefore, it won’t push out away from your kid. The experts state “What can we say, the wagon is a classic. Not only will this kid love it, but their kids will as well.” So you should definitely get one for your baby.
  3. Sanp Beads. the toy also got 4 star. It is from Edushape company. The original price is $18. 95, but only $16.49 on the website. If you order this, it will include  expert written instruction card and the quality promise. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about safety or the quality of the toy. Although it is simple , your kid will enjoy playing it because it is very rewarding.

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