What our Kids can do…

Kid is always an expected generation either in your own family or in our society. That’s why we always give them all the best we can such as the best food, the best education, and so on. In fact, children nowadays are much smarter than us before. They can do something that is even beyond our expectation. So, do you really know what your kids are able to do? If you can’t answer this question within one minutes, you should spend more time with your kid, and help them do the thing that they want.

My nephew was just born 7 months ago, and he now starts to have some actions that you would never believe in your eyes when you see him doing such thing. People say that he will be really smart in the future. Our family is very happy and we put so much hope into him. We will help him to look for his strength since he is little. You may think that it’s too early, it’s not. You should  start it early, so if you’re wrong, you could start it again.

It is so true that your kid will be able to express their talent at a very young age. I will show a video that I randomly found a video on Youtube. It is about a 3 years old boy plays his guitar toy and sing “I’m yours” of Jason Mraz. He was so impressed me. Although he couldn’t sing clearly every word of the lyrics, he plays the song really well. I hope you enjoy the video and think of what you kid could do that make people surprised as this boy.


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