A Kitchen for your Kid

Cooking seems a familiar image to kids because their mother has to cook for them everyday. Sometimes, they even pretend like cooking with whatever toys they have. Understanding their habit, a lot of companies produce a set of toy kitchen for kids (especially for girls). A set kitchen usually includes a microwave, washing machine, cooker, hob and fridge freezer. Beside that, you can also buy pot, pan, bowl, spoon, fork, and fake fruit to make them more enjoy with their “cooking” job. Your kid would love to spend hours with this toy. And you will be free to cook on your own kitchen with real food.

You can easily get one set everywhere near to your house such as Walmark, Target, Costco, and etc… The price is around $35 to $200. You can look for a brand company that you trust to buy a right set. KidKraft is my recommendation because some of friends already bought it for their kids. They told me their kid really like it. They also don’t have to worry anything because the design of the toy is very safe.

Although this toy is used to be dedicated for girls, boys are now interested in it too. Therefore, if your kid is a boy, don’t hesitate to introduce it to him. It is always good for kid to learn different things and have multiple skills in their future life. Now, you can watch the video below with them to see how much fun a little boy has with his kitchen set. I am pretty sure that your kid will ask you to get one for them right today.


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