Would Toys be able to talk?

I just watched Toy Story again yesterday. It brought back a lot of memories. I think the first time I watched it when I was about 4 or 5 years old. At the time, the movie made me believe so much in the capacity of speaking of toys. I usually asked my mother if a bear or a doll would talk to each other when we weren’t there. She just smiled but say nothing back to me. I think she wanted me to find it out myself.

I talked to them all the time. I acted like a teacher and taught them whatever I just learned from school. I hoped that one day I would find out the secret. My toys would talk to me. The funny thing is I shared that with my friends, some of them had the same thought with me, and some of them didn’t. Thus, we dared each other. If toys could talk, then the other side had to give my side all of their toys. I was so confident that they would lose. However, we didn’t know how to find out if the toys really talked or not. We decided to ask our teacher. She also smiled to us and said “Whether toys are be able to talk or not, they are always your best friend because they always listen and keep your secret”. Since that day, I respected my toys more than before. I took care of them and kept them clean as well as I can.

I think the Toy Story movie is famous because it is what kids have been believed and imagined about. The movie also teaches kid a lot of things such as being honest, love their friend, being brave, and etc… It tells us toys are first friends in our life, which helps us grow, improved, and developed. They are always friend if we still need it in our life. Therefore, we should treat them a right way


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