A Kitchen for your Kid

Cooking seems a familiar image to kids because their mother has to cook for them everyday. Sometimes, they even pretend like cooking with whatever toys they have. Understanding their habit, a lot of companies produce a set of toy kitchen for kids (especially for girls). A set kitchen usually includes a microwave, washing machine, cooker, hob and fridge freezer. More


What our Kids can do…

Kid is always an expected generation either in your own family or in our society. That’s why we always give them all the best we can such as the best food, the best education, and so on. In fact, children nowadays are much smarter than us before. They can do something that is even beyond our expectation. More

A Gift for Christmas from “Me to You”

Christmas is only one month ahead. What have you prepared to give your family and friends for this year?

If you go to the mall, there would be tons of different things for you to choose. This season is very important and meaningful to everyone. More

Learning More about Educational Toys


Being parents, you always want to educate your children when they start to have an ability to learn. You are going to the mall, and choose one of the toys that you believe your children can learn while they’re playing. However, most of people don’t get the right toy or not sure about what they get for their child. More

Toy Gun and Safety


Most of young boy kids always enjoy playing with a toy gun. They could imagine themselves as a police, a robber, or a hero in some cases. Kids play toy gun becomes so usual that people no longer consider if it is really OK for their to play with this kind of toy. More

…Barbie and Her History…

Since I mentioned about Barbie last time, I would like to share some background about her.

If you are a fan of Barbie, you will recognize that she has always changed over the time. Moreover, She has played numbers of different characters which are very closed to human life. I honestly do not own any Barbie doll. More