My own “Me to You” story

Christmas!It is the season that I love the most in a year.

I come from the country that Christmas is not as important as other holidays. I don’t really know why I fall for this season so much.

Every year, when Christmas comes, I feel so excited no matter where I am, and who I am with. It is already the fifth year I celebrate Christmas in the US. It is also the fifth year that my friend “Me to You” has been with me since I first came to the US. More


Learning More about Educational Toys


Being parents, you always want to educate your children when they start to have an ability to learn. You are going to the mall, and choose one of the toys that you believe your children can learn while they’re playing. However, most of people don’t get the right toy or not sure about what they get for their child. More

Toys and Education


Toys are one of the best tools to teach children. Many manufacturers know that, so they produce all different types of educational toys. I have known so far three of them and I think these are very good for children to play and learn.

The first toy I want to introduce is Gears Toys. Children will learn about principles of mechanics, and physics of motion behind all these colorful gears toys. More

What People don’t know behind the word “Toy”!


Toy is a very common word that most of us have known since we were little kids. Every time, one says the word, people immediately associate with children or pets. They will imagine so many kinds of different toys in their head, think of where they could buy them, or what kind of toys their children love to play. More