A Gift for Christmas from “Me to You”

Christmas is only one month ahead. What have you prepared to give your family and friends for this year?

If you go to the mall, there would be tons of different things for you to choose. This season is very important and meaningful to everyone. More


The little heart-warming story of “Me To You”

When the winter came, everything became very cold. The house that “Me to You” lived was very small and old. However, it was a cute little house. One day, the storm came and quickly knocked down everything. All the things that made the house nice and cozy has been thrown outside and pulled up in front of the garden. More


From an article that I randomly read on a beautiful morning Sunday said there could be three Barbie Dolls are sold in a second. That information is extremely surprised me. Then, I have realized that Barbie is a very famous brand doll all over the world. Every female kid would love to possess one. More