What our Kids can do…

Kid is always an expected generation either in your own family or in our society. That’s why we always give them all the best we can such as the best food, the best education, and so on. In fact, children nowadays are much smarter than us before. They can do something that is even beyond our expectation. More


Toys by Age (2)

When your kid is one to three year old, they start to know what they like and what they don’t like. Thus, you now have to choose the toy that somehow related to their favorite. It is quite hard to pick the toy that can satisfy a lot of requirements.

The toys, which are listed below, are recommendation from experts. Of course, they are not everything of your choice. You can also do some research to choose the best one for you kids. More

A Gift for Christmas from “Me to You”

Christmas is only one month ahead. What have you prepared to give your family and friends for this year?

If you go to the mall, there would be tons of different things for you to choose. This season is very important and meaningful to everyone. More

The little heart-warming story of “Me To You”

When the winter came, everything became very cold. The house that “Me to You” lived was very small and old. However, it was a cute little house. One day, the storm came and quickly knocked down everything. All the things that made the house nice and cozy has been thrown outside and pulled up in front of the garden. More

Tips for Toys Safety

Once again,¬† the holiday season is coming at the end of the year. This is also the season that toys are flying off the shelves like¬† hotcakes. However, it’s really hard to know if those popular toys you are buying are safe toys.

Now, you don’t have to worry about that anymore when you have these guidelines in your hand. All you need to do is follow the tips and bring home the best toys for your kids. More

Learning More about Educational Toys


Being parents, you always want to educate your children when they start to have an ability to learn. You are going to the mall, and choose one of the toys that you believe your children can learn while they’re playing. However, most of people don’t get the right toy or not sure about what they get for their child. More

Toys and Education


Toys are one of the best tools to teach children. Many manufacturers know that, so they produce all different types of educational toys. I have known so far three of them and I think these are very good for children to play and learn.

The first toy I want to introduce is Gears Toys. Children will learn about principles of mechanics, and physics of motion behind all these colorful gears toys. More

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